JavaScript Basic Concept

JavaScript is a programming language. But it is not anyone another language. It is a scripting language. None of this legal input and output. Designed as a scripting language to run in a browser.

# JavaScritp String, Array, and Number method

# JavaScript String

  1. javascript String store multiple characters like “Shoman”
  2. String index array starts base zero.


  1. CharAt() method return new string a Single code.
  2. that return fast number index zero

# concat()

  1. Concat method use to tow or more string joined and return a new string
  2. It is no change but returns a new string.


  1. Slice is a javaScript method.
  2. It does not change the main string but it is select from beginning to end return a new string


  1. indexOf method returns the specified value position in a string
  2. The method return value -1 if the value to search for never.

# JavaScript Array

The array an object used to store the multipole value of a single variable.


const cars = [“Saab”, “Volvo”, “BMW”];


The values in the array are present. If the element being tested is ticked then a Boolean Man is released.

#JavaScript Number

The Number is a JavaScript building function. Converts bellows of different objects into numbers. If not convart a legal number that returns a value NaN.




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